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When it comes to musicals and theatre events, there is no better place to acquire tickets than With their offer of 10 discount concert tickets Costa Mesa , anyone can find the best possible show and enjoy it in a simple and easy manner. Currently, this great portal is featuring tickets for an exciting new musical being performed. The same musical is called Glory of the World and it is being performed at Brooklyn Academy of Music, which is a part of the Harvey Theatre located in Brooklyn, NY. To anyone who loves musicals and theatre, the same show should be a must-see event, especially thanks to the fact that it comes with discount concert tickets Costa Mesa . But, thanks to its freshness, many people did not even hear about Glory of the World and why this musical should be of interest to them. Here are some of the most important fact when it comes to this piece of art and also the reasons why it should prove interesting to anyone who loves great theatre and great musicals. A Search for a Spiritual Experience Creating a work of art that is concerned with a spiritual experience is never an easy process. It does not matter how sincere, artful or accurate it is – for most, it will still see as only a shallow imitation of the same event. Even worse, it can be seen as a simple retelling, which inherently robs it of all of its power. With this being true, there was a single man who tried his best to do the same and present its experiences in the magnitude and breadth as Thomas Merton did. Inaugurated in the orders as a fully-fledged Trappist monk, this author and determined activist penned more than 70 books and other pieces of literature from his residence in Abbey of Gethsemani locate near Bardstown, Kentucky.

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His life of spiritual exploration and contemplation of the most important topics has produced many devotees which continue to be inspired by his work, even though they belong to different faiths and even political beliefs. In 2015, his 100th birthday was marked by all those who respect his work and find influence in it. Theatre of Louisville actors decided to the use their 39th Human Festival of New American Plays to the exploration of the intellectual and spiritual landscape of the region and to mark Merton’s birthday, they decided to create a play The Glory of the World with the purpose of celebrating his ideas. Les Waters as the artistic director and Charles Mee created the piece and started to examine his legacy and spiritual meaning. Just like metaphysical occurrences transcend any notion of the conventional and literal, so did this production got far beyond the written word and used all means of performance to present this glorious, raucous and complicated mess that is Merton’s work. Naturally, the result became a spectacular musical and a piece of art for which getting discount concert tickets Costa Mesa should be the most logical step. The Musical Review The play opens with complete darkness, where its director, Waters, in the form of the ultimate observer through the show, is seen sitting on the stage’s center. Around him, segments of sentences and other fragments are seen, while the total science in the theatre rises to a level of practically feeling a sense of unease. But then, a garage door is opened and an incredible party begins to unravel. The main element of the play is a gigantic celebration of the work Merton did through the many attending devotees who toast his ideas, but also recount the meaning of so many people he succeeded in reaching. As words become an expression of passion and then even different actions, including sublime and ridiculous, the musical develops further. It moves through peaks and plateaus while the play unravels ever so delightful. It even descends into actors that are shirtless striking poses, dance breaks, lip sync battles and finally, at one moment, it moves into a violate fit where the controversial elements of the life and work of Merton are examined. At those moments, the musical becomes a thing of anarchy, which even includes a party goer riding a cart directly into a huge pile of chairs with only an improvised helmet for protection. With only a fraction of what is being offered in this musical, it is clear why discount concert tickets Costa Mesa to it at are so popular. The play can only be described as magical and maniacal at the same time, thanks to Waters, Mee and their entire cast. The designer of the set really produced an incredible result when he designed a most impressive bachelor pad that can be imagined. The lights and the entire soundscape of the show are also equally impressive and range from hard rock tunes to soul music that is romantic and full of melody. Costumes designed by Connie Furr Soloman also compliment the musical and her attention to detail can really be felt in the show.
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The same is true for the musical’s casts. With a mix of veterans and young talents, there is no distinction in the talent pool. Instead, they all provide their utmost maximum and at the same time, seem to have a fantastic time while performing. The script Mee wrote works on all levels of the musical. The words of Merton are expressed in a diverse panorama of many different emotions and unique experiences that would be recognizable only to Merton. They include ecstasy and joy, but also a very hard-hitting frustration that often bordered on violence. In it, Waters appears to provide a guidance in the ensuing action, inserting mindfulness into the domain of the happenings that are taking place in the musical. With his intervention, the action becomes more engaging on an intellectual level, allowing it to be merged with the very emotional events on the stage. Conclusion In its 80 minutes, the Glory of the World presents a very profound experience that is effused with meaning, but also a series of very raw human emotions. In it, the audience gets a chance to be immersed and even consumed by the work and expression of the Thomas Merton, providing a very fitting platform for this ideas and aspirations. Because of this, discount concert tickets Costa Mesa for the same show on should be attained by all those who love a mesmerizing theatre experience.